Reinstatement Process

Individuals who have lost their CHW or CHW/CRS certification are now eligible to apply for certification reinstatement. This opportunity is only available for two certification cycles after the lapse of the certification. If the individual does not utilize the opportunity within the allotted timeframe, the former CHW or CHW/CRS will need to take the entire 3-day CHW or 5-day CHW/CRS course over at own expense to obtain certification again.

CHW or CHW/CRS Certification Reinstatement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much will this cost?

The reinstatement fee is $100.

Do I have to take the test again?

No. Your requirements are to make up any outstanding and current year CEUs plus pay the reinstatement fee. You can contact the CHW Program Coordinator or Program Assistant on the amount of CEUs needed for reinstatement. 14 CEUs are required per year.

I also had an endorsement with my certification. Will I be reinstated for my endorsement too?


How do I apply for reinstatement?

Please fill out the reinstatement application below and submit it to ASPIN along with your money order. You will be contacted by the CHW Program Coordinator via email for your next steps.

How long is this opportunity available?

You will have two years from the notice of the loss of your certification to utilize this opportunity. After two years, you would need to take the training over at your own expense.

What happens if I lose my certification again?

You are only allowed to be reinstated once. If you allow your certification to lapse a second time, you will have to take the entire class over at your own expense to obtain certification. 

I am currently certified in another state. Can I be reinstated by transferring the certification?

Since peer support programs vary from state to state, ASPIN is unable to honor certifications from other states. If you were a CHW or CHW/CRS in the state of Indiana at one point, please fill out the reinstatement application below and submit with the reinstatement fee and CEUs. If you were never certified in the state of Indiana, please apply to take our 3-day CHW or 5-day CHW/CRS training.

Please download the Reinstatement Application

Please mail this application and submit a fee of $100.00 (money order only, made out to ASPIN) for administration. Once application and fee are received and processed, you will be contacted by the CHW Program Coordinator via email regarding next steps and timeline.



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